Saturday, November 27, 2010

Meet The Parents

There was another Braunhart “straggler” for which I had no confirmed connection. Through Google searches I had found references to an “LI Braunhart” and an “LJ Braunhart”. I did not know the connection although he had been included in several articles regarding the Reform Rabbi Moses Mielziner. This Braunhart had run a Jewish school in Schubin, which just happened to be the birth place of all the Braunharts and Bernsteins that I had identified.

Through the purchase of my great great grandmother’s (Sara Braunhart Bernstein) death certificate, there was a reference to her parents – Jacob Braunhart and Minnie Zadek.

So the question was – who was LJ Braunhart? Was he the same as Jacob Braunhart in Sara’s death certificate?

On to another search technique that I stumbled upon – Google Books! By searching for “Braunhart” in Google Books, I found several mini biographies of “Levin Jacob Braunhart” and a mini biography of Samuel Braunhart – where lo and behold it stated that Sam was the son of the “renowned Jewish teacher” Levin Jacob Braunhart – so my 3rd great grandparents were found! Yippee!


Google has many search databases besides the generic Google search. Try Google Books and Google Scholar and if your ancestors were inventors (like some of mine) – Google Patents. You may be surprised what you find – I was!

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