Friday, May 6, 2011

Try Ning for a Private Family History Network

Recently I created a Ning network for the Braunhart family.  It is a private family history network with many of the same features as Facebook.  I left out the status updates, but have uploaded unidentified family photos, census records, naturalization records, immigration records, etc.  Also German letters and their translations.  This allows my relatives who have signed up to see the same artifacts that I have collected over the years.

Also there is a forum feature where we have put in family stories about long passed relatives as we discover them - so there is a discussion subject for each of the "primary ancestors"

It is set up to be a by invitation only network that is NOT searched by search engines and their bots so it is indeed private.

One can set it up to be public but I chose not to do so.  There are a minority of relatives who tend to freak out when any info regarding the living is posted online and I certainly appreciate and understand that.

Details at

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